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Summer Social

So in an attempt to be more social, I got on reddit. For those who don’t know, reddit is a sort of news network where people post interesting links [or stories] and other people upvote or downvote what they post. I follow a couple of subreddits [small communities like for fans of fanfiction, or porn, or fanfiction porn or…well you get it].

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There is a subreddit for my city [/r/Atlanta] and they were arranging a meetup so I decided to go. I offered my help with public transit and whaddaya know, I went and had fun. :) I met some people who were just as awkward as me and more than a little willing to get as drunk as me [don’t worry, I didn’t drink too much].

After the meetup we went to a pub to watch the game. The big soccer game. Whatever. I had a margerita and fried twinkies. It was expensive [16 bucks altogether!] but good. Then after that I went to a charity event for homeless queer teens. They had all these awesome drag queens [and a king] come up and lipsync. There was even this cool drag queen that dressed up like Elsa from Frozen and did a club remix version of Let It Go! :D

The guy I went with [no romance there. He’s gay. XD] let me use his Lyft coupon to get home. Lyft is like Uber which is this taxi service but anyone with a car, insurance and a smartphone can work for them. It was nice to get home in a short amount of time with AIR CONDITIONING. XD

Had fun. Made friends. Now off to dream land I go. :D

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