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June 03 2014




Reasons to dye your hair bright and unnatural colors

  • Because you wanna
  • Being punk rock
  • Looking hella cute
  • Small children’s reactions


Tutorial: Scrolling text




themostbeautifulshiningstar and girlydeadmonsters: The scroll is something that I have not seen included in any Tumblr theme but is easy enough to add to many Tumblr themes. 

You will need some codes—provided by very helpful people online—and the Customize HTML section of your blog.

1.  On your blog’s page, go to Customize.


2.  Choose Customize HTML.




After this code—

<title>{Title}{block:PostSummary} - {PostSummary}{/block:PostSummary}{block:SearchPage} - {lang:Search} ({SearchQuery}){/block:SearchPage}</title>

—type in this code—

<div style=”background-color:white;border:15px solid black;padding:0px;”><marquee>[INSERT YOUR CODE AND TEXT HERE]</marquee></div>

4. Replace <marquee> with one of these codes from, based on the direction and speed of the text scrolling.  Codes at this site can change the speed of the text, as well as offer additional options (bouncing text, slide-in text, and also scrolling images):

<!— Codes by —>

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left”>Here is some scrolling text… right to left!</marquee>

<!— Codes by —>

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”right”>Here is some scrolling text… left to right!</marquee>

<!— Codes by —>

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”up”>Here is some scrolling text… going up!</marquee>

<!— Codes by —>

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”down”>Here is some scrolling text… going down!</marquee>

<!— Codes by —>

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left” scrollamount=”1”>Very slow…</marquee>

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left” scrollamount=”10”>Faster…</marquee>

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left” scrollamount=”20”>Fast…</marquee>

<marquee behavior=”scroll” direction=”left” scrollamount=”50”>Lightning!</marquee>

5.  Add additional content between <marquee></marquee> as necessary. You can see that my example includes some countdown coding and day of the year coding.

Have additional questions, or a correction I should make?  Please leave me a message!

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"You’re so innocent!"

You’d think so, wouldn’t you…

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ok but what if like. werewolves transform under the full moon but theres just this one and by day hes a big tough guy and then when he transforms hes a tiny dog. just fucking. just fucking turns into the tiniest, fluffiest dog


imagine that howling at the moon






Truly a ferocious predator.

And lastly: (He’s the pack leader obviously)


the big wolves are his younger sisters

oh my fucking god it got better





I just slept for 15 hours what I miss?

This dick

oh thank god i thought i missed something big 

June 02 2014

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Just reminding everyone why we came to Tumblr.

Holy shit why does this have over a thousand notes

Because it’s the fucking truth.

I think you mean #FUCKYEAH!




lollipops are so weird youre literally swallowing your own flavored saliva

what have you done
Concentration is the ability to think about absolutely nothing when it is absolutely necessary.
— Ray Knight. (via quotedojo)
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June 01 2014

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Always post the rules. 

Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write your questions. 

Tag a few people and link them to the post. 

Actually tell them you’ve tagged them.

My Questions:

1. what are your favorite reality/reality competition shows and why

The original Japanese Iron Chef:  it was campy, but the chefs were committed to making innovative dishes with the one simple rule of including one key ingredient.  Instead, so many other cooking shows have to re-invent the show format, over-complicating the game with numerous rules, too many rounds depriving a view of all the minutes of work and strategy to produce the dish, and really uncivil pettiness between contestants (Cutthroat Kitchen is especially egregious).  The cultural and language distance may add some unfamiliarity so that I can enjoy the series despite its similar flaws to its United States counterparts—and the wannabes such as Chopped, that freaking cooking roulette show now on, and so many other programs that take the archetype that Iron Chef solidified and are overly complicating it.    

2. would you ever do something crazy like jump off a cliff or out of a plane? if you have done that, what did you think of that experience?

I could but not right now.  A cliff jump is terrifying, a plane jump is less terrifying, and I’m already the kind of person who is scared of roller coasters.

3. do you believe there is life out in space? why or why not?

I wouldn’t say “believe,” since that suggests there is no evidence.  (Sorry—I’m revising language like the pretentious jerk I am.)  I think there is life in space, based on the variety of life that has been able to form on this planet.  However, it is a question whether there is a planet with comparable conditions as Earth has, or whether life could develop in ways so strikingly different than what we see in this solar system.

4. are you religious at all? which one do you practice, or had practiced?

I am agnostic:  I do not think it is fair for me to disregard the idea of a deity when the very idea of a god is something that exceeds my finite mental capacity.  I do not have faith right now—I tend to depend on evidence, and many religions do not work on the basis of only evidence but also in spite of evidence.  I do set aside time every night before bed to be thankful for what I have now and what I have to look forward to, so that is a kind of prayer—just not to any traditional idea of God. 

I did go to some Christian classes over one summer that my cousin taught, and my extended family is Catholic, so I have attended such ceremonies as centered around family members.  I have read some religious books for classes.

5. what was your least favorite subject in school and why

Gym:  I’m not averse to physical activity; however, when gym was my very first class every morning for one semester, it was grueling, especially when (a) there were no showers as part of the class, and (b) I then I had to put on a shirt, tie, and slacks for “business dress Tuesday” as part of my professionalization classes.  Plus no one knew how to play volleyball—they spent the entire game kicking the ball, which of course meant someone got kicked in the backside by mistake. 

6. what was your first job?

In high school, intense volunteer work in the graphics department at a children’s science museum. 

7. preferred steak temp

None—I don’t like steak.  If it is a burger, I like well-done. 

8. favorite childhood memory and why? least favorite childhood memory and why?

It’s hard to remember one really good childhood memory.  It would probably be a certain Halloween or Christmas—a really good costume (clown, Batman, Darkwing Duck) or gift (a Roger Rabbit doll as big as six-year-old me). 

Lately, my least favorite memories from childhood are bullying.  It is not edifying to have your self-esteem crushed, but it’s also not fun being in middle school, having a bully hold you on the bus as he tries to ignite your hair with a cigarette lighter. 

9. breakfast for dinner?

Breakfast for every meal!  The past week meeting with friends was an odd mix of some breakfast foods for additional meals, plus there were always midnight breakfast events.

10. do you like waffles

Yes.  (Pokes ilikescythes)

My questions for others:

  1. What is your opinion on Muppets?
  2. For your film collection, which format do you prefer—electronic downloads, DVDs, VHS, Betamax, reel-to-reel?
  3. Follow-up:  Do you prefer tangible books or electronic books?
  4. When doing the crossword, pencil or pen?
  5. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
  6. Which toppings are your favorite on pizza?
  7. Which musical instrument is the most annoying to hear?
  8. Where is the best public restroom that you have found?
  9. If you are feeling cold, what do you prefer to wear to keep warm?
  10. How many fingers am I holding up?

I tag: 

professor-maka, truckingberserk, thehobbitat221b, meistergab, grigoridawn, owiion, cold-hearted-burden, themostbeautifulshiningstar, bassresonance

/shakes fist in general direction

    What is your opinion on Muppets?
Err… I used to have the Muppet Babies tapes when I was younger. They are fun but I don’t see me going to see a movie or asnything about them.

    For your film collection, which format do you prefer—electronic downloads, DVDs, VHS, Betamax, reel-to-reel?
For Movies I love, as in willing to spend money on and can find a way to do so, I prefer DVDs but everything else I just download and go on. THough, the movies I had to work a bit harder to find, I burn them to a disc. Those are usually movies I already own on VHS and haven’t been able to find a DVD copy of.

    Follow-up:  Do you prefer tangible books or electronic books?
Depends on the book. If it’s Harry Potter or some long series, I grab the ebook since it’s too big. But if I can get a deal on a physical book, I usually pay for it and get a copy.

    When doing the crossword, pencil or pen?

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
Rocking with Rockapella I assume.

    Which toppings are your favorite on pizza?
Mushroom, spinach, feta cheese, pinapple, meat, olives  but not at the same time.

    Which musical instrument is the most annoying to hear?
None that I can think of. It depends on the musician to be honest. Only a competent musician can make an instrument sound beautiful.

    Where is the best public restroom that you have found?
Churches, the small ones that have less than a thousand in their congregation, have the best ones. Most lady restrooms are gorgeous and aside from a few concert halls I have been to [for ballet], they don’t quite match the beauty of a well stocked church restroom.

    If you are feeling cold, what do you prefer to wear to keep warm?
A heavy duty hoodie.

    How many fingers am I holding up?

My Questions:
1.Do you stream, pirate or legally download your media and why do you?
2.There are three big Operating Systems out there: Windows, Linux and OSX. If you had to deal with only one of them for a month [and it isn’t the one you are on currently], which would you choose and why?
3.Are you smarter than the people around you?
4.Do you read anime reviews or do you just watch it without bias?
5.Have you ever been on Tv Tropes?
6.What’s are your thoughts on remakes like FMA:Brotherhood, Hellsing Ultimate, Sailor Moon Crystal?
7.Was there an anime that you thought the dub was better than original?
8.What’s your favorite color?
9,What is your dream for your future?
10.Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I tag: toris-fan-nest, kujjlesdomain, the prat who tagged me [also known as soul-dwelling-not], @spanglebangle [it won’t let me mention you for some reason…], muroww, bewaretheirthorns, and exxx-posed

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A Mouse Love Story — feltingdreams

Featured on I Luv Etsy! | pinterest | twitter







and here we have a capitalist 

Did you just.

let us all take a moment to appreciate that all of human history and human language and the universe itself aligned to make this joke possible

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Very clear water.

I know I was not the only person like ew wtf is wrong with his hand lol

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The SlideRider turns your stairs into a slide and is great for kids on rainy days, or adults with no kids that have had 3+ beers.


adults with no kids that have had 3+ beers

#sober college students


May 31 2014




sherlock tapping “I love you” in morse code on solid surfaces every chance he gets when he’s around John because it’s better to get it out of his chest like this without john realizing than not getting it out at all

except john knows morse code as evidenced by TGG and THoB and one day he turns around and taps “i love you too you stupid git” right back







easy there henry

whos henry what thef uck?

*faint laughter from Britian*








themostbeautifulshiningstar replied to your post: Excel Saga broke me.  One episode…

jokes on you cuz my anon mailbox isn’t on. lololol

Oh, I’m not against flooding your inbox with messages to persuade you to watch the original anime.

But I was talking about the friend who gave me Excel Saga—and which has caused all logic to break for me, necessitating that I avenge myself against this friend by bothering them with numerous anonymous spam messages extolling the virtues of all things Soul Eater related.

I will have my followers fill this person’s inbox with numerous messages until they watch Soul Eater!

…But I better call them first.  No fair not giving them a warning…

(Seriously, this friend mocks my tastes, but they were watching Excel Saga wackiness?)

You were actually convinced to watching Excel Saga? Oh you poor unfortunate soul…

I only saw two episodes of it- the first episode and the last and I think that covered more than enough.

Any anime you plan on watching the upcoming season?

When I say “break,” I don’t mean that I don’t enjoy it—Bobobo is one of my favorite anime, as I do like wackier material like Space Dandy.  I’m going to have to re-watch episodes of Excel Saga, as a lot of the jokes are moving by fast (visual gags, puns).

You know, I never watch upcoming seasons—I tend to wait for official releases, especially dubs.  I want to check out Ping Pong, because why not.  What else is coming out this season?  What are you planning to watch?

I couldn’t even really get into Bobobo even reading it. I like comedy, even weirder stuff like Nichijou but the random comedy types I am like eeeeehhh.

I have a long list, man. Tis the season for a fujoshi! Sailor Moon Crystal aside, I have my eyes set for Himegoto [traps, non-BL], Love Stage [BL, traps], DRAMAtical Murder [yaoi game turned anime], Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus, Shonen Hollywood [hoping this will be as good as Uta No Prince Sama but the art looks eh to me], Sword Art Online 2[more traps, this time with guns!] and MAYBE Jinsei. Also Mahouka will probably still be going then so I am going to be catching that too. I was going to watch Free! season 2 but I didn’t really like season 1, the fandom aside. I might catch that once it ends.

The new Sailor Moon has one of my friends excited, so I want to check that out.

I still have not watched Free, so that is on the to-do list.  (Has it been licensed?)

Bobobo just came on at the right time for me:  it was on Toonami, it and Megas XLR broke up some of the more serious material on the block, and like the Duel Masters dub I enjoy self-aware wacky animation (see also Animaniacs).

If you plan on watching Sailor Moon, the new one or the old one, Viz Media has the rights to both and is redubbing the old one and streaming it on Neon Alley along with the subbed version of the old Sailor Moon, uncut. Not sure if they will dub the new series but Crunchyroll is streaming it once it premires in July.

Free, to my knowledge, hasn’t been liscenced but it’s watchable on Crunchyroll as well.

It’s funny, I don’t like shows like Bobobo, Excel or even Azumanga but I loved Megas XLR, Animaniacs and even Nichijou. I’m a 90s kid through and through and adored things like KaBlam! but I can’t stand Spongebob. It’s a very Fanny Dooly affair

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